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Football Skills Clinics

The NEW Football Position Specific Skills Clinics are more than just another camp.  If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines or simply want to really master your skills at a quarterback this clinic is for you.  This NEW program is a complete system designed to accelerate an athlete’s skill development in a short period of time by focusing on skill development at 3 different levels:

  • Athleticism: Focus in on key aspects of athleticism as they relate to maximizing the execution of targeted quarterback techniques
  • Football Position Specific Skill: The critical techniques that you must master at to separate your game and get you more playing time.
  • Pattern Recognition: The key patterns that you must recognize to improve decision making at game time speed.  Class room time included here.

Each 3 hour clinic will include a written athletic performance assessment (normally priced at $99) emailed to the parent a couple of days after the clinic.  This assessment will not only capture their current athletic performance but compare their results against Athletes in their age group that train across the nation!

Clinics are designed to be semi-private and limited to only 4-10 Athletes in order maximize the customization as well as the repetitions.  A much more competitive option to private coaching.